Valley Fudge

Defining who we are and what our brand stands for.

Valley Fudge has developed a look that defines the valley location but also the product and services they have on offer.

It employs a simple, modern and colourful approach to allow for in-store attraction and a striking online presence to help customers remember the Valley Fudge brand beyond just a store visit.

We have created a visual identity which is confident in its presentation, yet engaging from a customer point of view. The identity and visual system are flexible in order to adapt to various environments whilst being considerate to common budget and delivery constraints.

Colour Palette

Valley Pink

RGB 255-189-250
CMYK 0-26-2-0

Valley Purple

RGB 62-8-148
CMYK 58-95-0-42

Valley Peppermint

RGB 86-225-226
CMYK 62-0-0-11

Valley Hot Pink

RGB 226-55-202
CMYK 19-82-0-0

Valley Violet

RGB 94-71-150
CMYK 71-88-0-0


RGB 255-255-255


RGB 0-0-0
CMYK 50-50-50-100

Mid Grey

PMS 0000 C
RGB 00-00-00
CMYK 00-00-00-00



Below are some examples of how our brand comes to life across various printed and digital applications.

Our brand look has been developed with our community in mind. One that reflects our vision and commitment to them and how we want engage.

A modern simple yet confident approach is what we aspire to achieve in all our communications.

Designed with flexibility and structure to comfortably convert from printed documents to engaging fresh digital communications.

The examples shown below demonstrate this flexibility and how brand look can adapt to our audience so we are always communicating with maximum effect.

If you have any questions or seek clarification on developing collateral please speak to the brand creators via the contact form below.



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